Responsibility Policy


At JRF Publication, we share JRF’s commitment to sustainable development, in line with the policies of our global group, Lagardere Publishing. As part of our strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we actively pursue philanthropic and environmental goals that help establish our company as a socially and environmentally responsible entity in India. These initiatives are separate from our normal business operations, and are collectively referred to as CSR Activities under our policy.


The key purpose of this policy is to:

  • Describe JRF Publication’s definition of CSR and the approach used to achieve our sustainable development goals.
  • Specify the types of projects that will fall under our CSR program.
  • Identify the key areas in which we will undertake CSR projects.
  • Serve as a framework for executing and monitoring CSR initiatives.
  • Outline the criteria used to select implementation partners.
  • Explain how any surpluses generated from CSR projects will be managed.


Our CSR Policy aims to address important social, economic, and environmental needs of underprivileged and marginalized communities. Through this policy, we align our CSR strategy with the environmental and philanthropic goals of Hachette UK and Lagardere. We use an approach that integrates solutions to these issues into our business strategies to benefit communities and create positive social and environmental impact.     


As mandated by the Companies Act of 2013, JRF’s CSR Activities will prioritize the identified needs in our work areas.

• Education: We prioritize education-related initiatives such as promoting education, including special education, and providing employment-enhancing vocational skills. Our focus is on supporting children, women, elderly people, and differently-abled individuals. We also undertake livelihood enhancement projects and provide monetary contributions to academic institutions to establish funds and laboratories, and distribute books to assist students in their studies.

• Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women: We are committed to promoting gender equality and empowering women through various initiatives. These include making contributions to NGOs, trusts, and foundations for setting up homes, hostels, and day care centers for women and orphans. We also support the establishment of old age homes and other facilities for senior citizens, as well as measures aimed at reducing social and economic inequalities among disadvantaged groups.

• Environmental Sustainability: Our CSR activities will focus on promoting environmental sustainability, protecting ecological balance, preserving flora and fauna, promoting animal welfare, and conserving natural resources. We will achieve this by partnering with NGOs and organizations that support green initiatives.

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