Research and Development

Universities, colleges, research centers, and institutes play a crucial role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. With the growing complexity of these activities, the role of Research Development (RD) professionals has become increasingly important in coordinating and strategically deploying institutional resources towards knowledge creation and mobilization. The RD professional’s role is to ensure that the use of institutional resources for seeking external funding or partnerships is done in the most strategic and efficient manner possible, maximizing the chances of recognizing and supporting the best ideas with the best chances of success, given the finite support available.

Academic research has played a significant role in providing solutions to numerous challenges encountered by our society and industries. In many instances, industries have relied on academics to find solutions to critical issues. The importance of knowledge sharing between research institutions and industry has become more apparent. Collaborations between institutions have emerged in interdisciplinary fields, allowing knowledge to be combined. Usually, industry is the primary beneficiary. Research offers fundamental inputs that can be utilized for planning and policy decision-making. Clearly, academic research is a crucial element in global development.

It is crucial to establish a research mechanism within our higher education system. The system should prioritize both teaching and research excellence. Given that India has a pool of globally recognized intellectual talent, it is essential to create an environment that encourages academic research in all higher education institutions. However, we currently lack the appropriate policy framework required to develop an effective research mechanism to address the various issues faced by our society.

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